NW Mountain Shop is Now at the Woolley Market for Winter 2015-2016

BIG UPDATE: NW Mountain Shop is NOW RELOCATED to the Woolley Market at 829 Metcalf Stree ALL YEAR ROUND! WINTER UPDATE: NW Mountain Shop is Now at the Woolley Market for the Winter at 829 Metcalf Street –  Grab a Beer and Check Out Mountain Gear! If you would like to sign up and pay […]


Climbing Mt. Baker 2015 – Spring Training Continues

Last week on the upper slopes of Mount Baker, otherwise known as The Roman Wall, I was able to physically push myself. Several other climbers were on the mountain but had either turned around or were still heading up far below me. It was the only forecasted good “weather window” in a 10-day period and […]


Mountain Shop is Open!

The Northwest Mountain Shop is open for business! The Mountain Shop provides the finest quality rentals and retail equipment available for camping, hiking, climbing and other outdoor pursuits. The Mountain Shop is also the meeting spot for many of our climbs and courses. Best of all we are experienced climbers and guides who actually use […]

eldorado peak climb

Mt Baker Climbs 2015

Thinking of climbing Mt Baker this year?  The Northwest Mountain Shop & Guide Service is conveniently located within an hour of the trail head!  For Mt Baker climbs 2015, we have 7 scheduled climbs.  Of course, we are always available to customize a private climb as well! 06/27/2015 – 3 day climb06/27/2015 – 3 day […]


Achieve Your Climbing Goals – Stepping Stones

There is something in the Mountain Guiding business we refer to as “Stepping Stones”. In a nutshell the meaning of the saying is that you get a certain amount experience EVERY time you go into the outdoors. In order to achieve your climbing goals and before you move ahead to try a higher or more […]


Summer Climbing Coming Soon – Spring is Here!

This message is for any of you (like me) now in your 40’s 50’s + or somebody who is just plain out of shape and thinking of doing summer climbing. Growing up I was thin, flexible and could do 3-trips through the buffet line never gaining an ounce in the long run. A few years back […]