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How to Choose Trekking Poles

Watch as NW Mountain Shop and Go Trek’s owner Craig Van Hoy explains how to choose the right trekking poles. A few things to consider are the grip, material of the pole and the basket. Various grip and basket construction will determine its use for cold or warm weather conditions, while the overall price and weight of a pole will depend on the material used to produce it.


Watch Go Trek owner Craig Van Hoy discuss how to choose the right backpack for your next adventure! Things to consider when selecting your pack for that upcoming backpacking or hiking experience.

How to Pack a backpack

Go Trek owner Craig Van Hoy demonstrates how to pack your backpack for that upcoming trip! Learn the basics and take away tips for perfecting your packing skills for that hiking or climbing trip.

how to choose climbing boots

Craig Van Hoy talks about choosing the right climbing boots and shares important tips for wear and tear.